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Make Earrings & Pins

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Explore your creativity - work with your own designs! In this workshop, we make earrings & pins out of fun foam (or wood) and recycled tin cans. These colorful earrings & pins are very light, easy to make and can be completed in a short amount of time. I supply fun foam & wood, as well as pre-cut tin cans of a variety of colors and patterns earring wires and tools. In two hours, it’s possible to make several pairs of earrings and/or pins!

BIRTHDAY PARTIES: Ask about scheduling a workshop for a birthday party or other celebration!


WHERE: 22 Prospect Hill Ave. (green building in the back), Somerville, MA

REGISTRATION FEE: $40 per workshop

CONTACT: Lenni Armstrong at lenniarmstrong@gmail.com

SAFE n' Stylin' - a Reflective Design Workshop

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About Lenni

I made earrings in my youth and sold them to my friends. My favorite earrings to make were of crocheted wire strung with a few beads. In high school, I took a silver-smithing class taught by my best friend's mother. Silver-smithing was much harder on the hands!

​As an adult, I fell in love with working in fun foam and tin cans. It's easy on the hands and the materials are so inexpensive! It's much more about the design process. I have an affinity for the bright colors of the fun foam.

When I work, I like to have several pairs of earrings going at the same time. When I find a look I really like, sometimes I spread the idea to other earrings in progress. I love working with color, shapes and textures to produce a wearable design in a short amount of time!